Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Hello Kitty Planner

I hope your enjoying the new year! I wanted to share with you my new 2012 Hello Kitty Planner. If your looking for a new planner and love Hello Kitty this is a great planner.
 I love the tabs and the little cute calendar for each month with lines to write your goals for the month at the bottom. I found my planner on Amazon for around $11 you can click here to take a look if your interested in purchasing one.


  1. How cute is this book! I love it. Wendy Williams would die for it. Hope that your New Year is off to a great start. Best to you.

  2. really cute! I just have a plain old black one.

  3. I love Hello Kitty and I LOVE LOVE LOVE MIffy! That is such a cute planner. Pity I have mine already for this year or I could be persuaded to by one for myself!
    Hope all is well Tamara - I am guessing you are flat out with work. But I am looking forward to some gorgeous posts from you this year!!! :D