Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The New Student At School

This summer I will be taking Lilla Rogers Studio School E-course called "Make Art That Sells". and I'm soooo excited about going to her school. I really like taking workshops because I love learning new things and it's always room for growth plus it's a great investment. I was one of the first 50 people to sign up and I won a free signed copy of Lilla's book called "I Just Like To Make Things". I was so surprise and happy I won because it is a great book and a wonderful prize. I will be keeping it as collectors item and using the other one I purchased.

It's a great book with a lot of inspiration, advice, interviews with some of the artist she represent and it comes with worksheets and journal entry areas where you can write down your ideas and notes inside the book. Great tool to use even if your not taking the course.


I will continue to post more on my journey at school. I signed up for part 1 and part 2 so I pretty sure it will be plenty of new artwork I will be sharing. Have wonderful week!


  1. Hey Tamara, I have the book and am taking the class also!
    I'm excited to start and hope to learn a lot. See you in class:)

    1. Hey Cathi, that's wonderful your taking the class too! :)I can't wait until it start too!