Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Making Art That Sells Week 3: Children's Books

For week 3 Making Art That Sells our focus for the week was children's books. I love illustrating for children's books it's fun and exciting. I also love collecting and reading children's books. Our assignment was to read Hans Christian Andersen "The Snail & The Rose Tree" and illustrate a cover or a spread for it with lettering. I never heard of this book before and I did enjoy reading it. I actually had to read it several times to get a better understanding of the story to visualize it. If you haven't read this story before it's a good read and recommend it.

Overall I enjoyed this assignment while I guess have been enjoying each assignment and the inspiration given to us during this course. I get excited when Mondays roll around now to found out what's in store for us. When the course is over I'm going to start making assignments for myself each week it's fun and challenging.

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