Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Thank You

I just wanted to say "Thank You" to everyone for stopping by my blog and following! I hope everyone week is going good. My week is going well. The weather is nice, sunny and hot the signs of summer is definitely near. I created this thank you illustration last month to post on my Facebook for my birthday. I had sketched the ladybugs over a year and decided to turn it into a thank you card. I'm going to go through my sketchbook and color a lot more of sketches to share here on my blog.

Niko in his favorite morning spot soaking up the sunlight. It's funny in the evening time when the sun is going down he go to a different room to catch the last few minutes of the warm sunlight. That's one of his favorites things besides doggie treats, rawhide bones, plush animals and carrots.


  1. Super cute ladybugs Tamara! Niko is adorable as well:)

  2. Your arts are always so adorable and colorful and inspiring. It's always such a joy to come onto your page and see your latest, cutest creations :)