Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Yummy Mail:

After ordering and receiving my package from I decided to share on my blog because I love the company branding. I heard about on one of my favorite blogs OhJoy! Eats. After I looked around their website and read the reviews I decided to order a few goodies. They sell all different types of treats like gummy bars, malted balls pretzels, dried fruit and more.

When I opened the door to received the package I instantly feel in love with their packaging because the entire box is covered in cool graphics, lettering and plus cute little characters.

A bag of assorted pretzel mix. 
 free sample of dried berries
 Different flavors of malted balls and gummy bears.


  1. what a fun and nutty ; ) post!!!!! i love their packaging too!!!! and your recent posts are infused with lots of fresh and wonderful happiness!

  2. Hey Salli, Yes it's very creative! Thank you for visitng :)!

  3. How cool is that!! I love it. Looks so tasty too. Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing.