Monday, April 15, 2013

Swinging Around

How was your weekend? My weekend was good. I didn't do anything special this past weekend. I stayed at home which is probably a good thing because it's pollen season and cars are covered with it. I enjoyed my time at home I watched my favorite shows on Hulu and relaxed. Plus I played the Sims 3 which I don't get a chance to play it often because it's very very time consuming and only get a chance to play it few times a year.

I recently purchased the new expansion for the Sims 3 University Life and it's really fun. You get to choose a major for your Sim out of the 6 majors (Communications, Business, Technology, Science and Medicine, Fine Arts, Physical Education) and guess which major I picked for my Sim?! Fine Arts. It's cool because you get to see them go to lecture class and sketch class outside. My favorite thing to do on the Sims is decorating the house plus they offer Interior Decorator career (with a different expansion pack) you can go and decorate other Sims houses in the town.

I know enough about the Sims lol. I plan to share more things I like and collect later this week plus I have a few art related announcements so stay tune.


  1. This image would make a great coloring book, Tamara. The monkey is so adorable.

    I am so sorry to hear your cousin passed away. I know it is hard on the family and especially for her parents. She was way too young to leave everyone behind.

    1. Thank you Sheree!

      I appreciate your condolences, yes it's been very hard our family because it was so sudden and shocking.

  2. I will be printing this out for kids. It's wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing it. So very, very, sorry for you lost. Praying that God will pour in the oil and wine for the healing of your hearts. Big Hug from me.